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The Company

HE.SA Design provides virtual modelling and design services for Transportation and Industrial Design that lead to the creation of style templates and masters depending on the customer’s requirements, having a team of competent professionals capable of supporting companies in the various project development stages.


HE.SA Design is able to develop the entire creative process, from the development of ideas to the creation of virtual models. The most advanced information technologies are used within the working methodology.

Professionals with experience and aesthetic taste focus on the development of 3D models, both for the exterior and interior of vehicles, which can then be implemented with the definition of Master models for industrialisation.


This modelling represents one of the first steps of the industrialization process. It consists in turning a sketch into a 3D model. The idea of the designer must be interpreted and accompanied in its evolution so as to better reach the goal. The professionals in our team help us achieving this goal.

Real Time Rendering presentations can be produced and organised through our software for the utmost evaluation and understanding toward the customer.

Through the knowledge of the standards and those specific to the customer we can define Master templates ready for industrialisation.

Automotive & Product Design

  • Creative Research
  • Digital Sketch
  • 3D Cas Model
  • Optimized Surface Modeling
  • Reverse Engeneering
  • Virtual Modeling
  • Master Model



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